Meet My Family

This is me.   I'm Carrie Jo.  I gave up processed foods a while ago, and I've never looked back (see my  "Why I Eat This Way" tab).  I love developing recipes that fit my diet, and all of the recipes on this blog are created by me.  If I borrow heavily from another recipe, I'll always cite the original source.

I like to run, hike, camp, and walk my dog.  I'm a middle school Chemistry and Physics teacher, but I'm taking a couple of years off to stay home with my young son.  I miss teaching terribly, but my life is so wonderfully full now that I really can't imagine going back right this minute.

I love my pets with all my heart.  I've had hamsters, mice, a guinea pig, dogs, cats, lizards, fish, turtles, a rabbit, snails, hermit crabs, and frogs.  I once had a dog who could climb trees and ladders.  We just have a dog and a cat at the moment, but I can't wait until Baby C is old enough to have pets of his own.

This is my husband.  Andy is a wonderful man who likes a lot of the same things I do:  hiking, camping, running, and eating.  He completed his first marathon about a year ago, and he's getting ready to do another one soon.  He brews his own beer, and our friends and family agree that it's some of the best beer out there. He's a meat eater, so many of the plant-based meals I make can be easily "meat-ified" to suit his tastes.  He often says, though, that vegetarian foods are great because the spices make up for the lack of meat!

This is Baby C.  He's a happy, giggly 9-month old boy who LOVES to eat!  I've enjoyed making organic fruit and veggie purees for him, and I'm super excited that he's recently started the adventure of truly eating solid foods.  His favorites are cheese, raisins, and black beans.  He also likes bathing, going for walks and runs in the jogging stroller, and putting his toes in his mouth.  : )

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