Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Your Food: Magnified!

RADISH, Caren Alpert Fine Art

Sometimes it's fun to take a different look at our food.  Artist Caren Alpert does just that, using an electron microscope to photograph edible items in an up-close-and-personal style.  The radish photo at the left is both mysterious and beautiful; it almost reminds me of a gorgeous patterned cloth.

CELERY LEAF, Caren Alpert Fine Art

It's interesting to compare the photos of whole, all natural foods to highly processed foods.  Alpert used the microscope to look at everything from celery to Oreos, sometimes zeroing in at a cellular level.  Personally, I enjoyed looking at each photo and trying to determine what it might be before sneaking a peek at the title of the piece.  FYI, I was usually wrong.  :)

If you would like to view the entire collection, check it out here.  I'm directing you to the "Artist's Statement" page, and from there you can access the Gallery.  Enjoy!

What do you think THIS is??

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