Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Almond Pesto Margarita Pizza

WARNING:  THIS IS NOT A RECIPE!!'s more like assembly instructions.  Still, it's very worth your time.  : )

I LOVE Margarita Pizza!  The combination of fresh garden basil,  flavorful tomatoes, and slightly browned fresh mozzarella just gets me every time.  I've been searching for quite some time for a good whole foods pizza dough recipe, and I recently found a great rice flour pizza crust recipe on   I may make a few changes the next time I make it, but it turned out pretty well this first time around.


10-Minute Toasted Almond Pesto
Pizza crust of your choice (see above, or I also like sprouted grain pizza dough from Cybros)
1 small handful of fresh basil
2 -3 roma tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced thick

1.  Prepare pizza crust according to directions.

2.  Spread pesto directly onto crust.  I tend to make a very thick layer of pesto since I love it so much, but you can use your own discretion.

3.  Layer sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on top of the pesto.  Add basil, if desired.

4.  Bake (following pizza crust directions) until cheese is slightly browned.  Remove from oven and add fresh basil - or more basil if you already added it before baking.

5.  Enjoy!

Gather Ingredients.

Layer pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella.  Add basil if desired.

I like to layer my pesto extra thick!

After baking, the cheese should be slightly browned.  Add more fresh basil before serving.


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