Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ice Cream Substitute #2: Banana Soft Serve

 The first time I made this recipe, I was absolutely amazed.  I couldn't believe that it was possible to make a soft-serve consistency "ice cream" using little more than frozen banana chunks.  I don't remember the exact measurements of the original recipe I tried, or even where I found it.  Over time, I've made tiny adjustments and I ended up with this, which I think is quite good!


1 banana, cut into chunks and frozen overnight
Splash of pure vanilla
A splash or two of milk (any type, dairy or non-dairy)

1.  Place ingredients in food processor.  Unfortunately, this really doesn't work in a regular blender.  You need the powerful blades of the food processor to break up the frozen banana.

2.   Cover and pulse to blend, pausing to add an additional splash of milk if needed.

3.  Serve topped with homemade natural chocolate sauce.  (Note:  any natural sweetener can be used in place of the organic cane sugar in this chocolate sauce recipe.)

Place ingredients in food processor.  Cover and pulse to blend.

Continue pulsing, adding milk if needed, until a soft serve like consistency is achieved.

Top with homemade chocolate sauce and ENJOY!

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